One of Donald Trump’s first actions when he took office was to announce that he would dismantle 100 Obama Administration environmental protections. This was just the tip of the iceberg of the horrific environmental destruction he would wrought in the years to come.

Time after time, Trump puts the interests of corporate polluters over the health and safety of the American people. He’s made it easier for coal mining companies to dump waste into our waterways, cut programs that protected children from lead paint, weakened protections for our drinking water, and repealed a rule regulating chemicals known to cause fetal brain damage.

In order to give the oil companies another $1 billion in profits they don’t need, he rolls back offshore drilling regulations that had been put in place to ensure that a disaster like the Deepwater Horizon incident—which killed 11 oil rig workers, caused the biggest marine oil spill in history, and ravaged the Gulf Coast’s economy—never happens again.

Trump appoints climate change deniers to posts that should be held by those who believe in science, and he makes sure he’s receiving environmental policy advice from oil interests instead of scientists. He removes any mention of climate change from the EPA’s website, and ends a critical carbon monitoring program, as if ignoring the crisis could just make it go away.

And at a time when the world looks to America to lead the way out of the climate crisis, Trump pulls our nation off the world stage, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord while the planet’s temperature continues to rise towards a point of no return.

We only have one planet. We only have one chance to save it. That’s why we need President Joe Biden. Joe Biden will undo Trump’s damage, restore science to its rightful place, and put the public’s health before corporate profits. And President Biden will reengage the nations of the world in a global effort to save our planet from the ravages of climate change while we still can.