It’s (Still) Time to
Save Democracy

Join us and help win the Georgia Senate
runoff election for Jon Ossoff.


Our goal is to restore Decency and Democracy to our government.

In the November 2020 presidential election, we helped Joe Biden and Kamala Harris restore decency to the White House.

Now we’re helping Jon Ossoff restore democracy to the United States Senate.

Trump has been defeated, but Trumpism lives on in the United States Senate

Trump Republicans in the Senate are blocking critical legislation in the Senate, like financial relief for the millions of Americans suffering during this pandemic. Democrats need to win both seats in Georgia to take control of the Senate and pass this critical legislation.

We’re running ads in Georgia for Jon Ossoff, and with your help, we can expand to run ads for Raphael Warnock as well.
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Winning Efforts by Americans for Decency and Democracy