We must stop Donald Trump.

He is an existential threat to our Democracy, Environmental Justice, Racial Equity, and Public Health. You can help direct the funds we raise through the Trump Doomsday Clock to go directly to help Joe Biden win key states and register voters. Together we will turn back the Trumps Doomsday Clock and save American Democracy.


Every time he commits another injustice, crime, or act against democracy, he inches us closer and closer to the point of no return for America—to doomsday for our country. We must defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November.

We’re in this for the long haul to help American recover from the Trump presidency and undo his wrongs. We’re working to give President Biden the opportunity to turn back the Trump Doomsday Clock and put America back on the path to prosperity.

Your contribution will go directly to helping Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win back the White House and turn back the Trump Doomsday Clock, saving our democracy. Unlike Trump's third campaign manager Steve Bannon, we're putting your contribution to work for exactly what we promise: to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and defeat Donald Trump.
We’re funding ads in critical states to help win the electoral college
Registering new voters and making voting accessible is essential to our democracy
Advisory Committee
Matt Cheney
Over the past 30 years Mr. Cheney has formed, founded and managed a number of key renewable energy companies that have been innovators in regenerative energy financing, as applied at growing scale, including the formation of equity investment, development funds, and permanent financing for project portfolios. He has dedicated his life to increasing access to clean energy services in urban and rural areas. He sits on the boards of both for profit companies and not-for profit organizations.
Dan Shugar
Dan Shugar, P.E., has been driving clean energy and solar power since 1988. His most recently company, Nextracker, is a global manufacturer with over 35 GW of smart solar trackers and control systems operating in 25 countries. Dan believes high performing teams and functional relationships enable dreams and aspirations of staff to be realized.
Andrew Roettger
Andrew is a C Level corporate advisor in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York and London. Andrew was a founding member of the London International Financial Futures Exchange, has worked on the ECB Systemic Risk Board, member of the Chicago Board of Trade, Pacific Stock Exchange, European Options Exchange, and currently runs a private equity fund and has for 25 years run a strategic tax advisory service. He is an alumni of Boston University and Sloan School of Management.
Kudra Kalema
Kudra Kalema is an engineer and social entrepreneur that has been creating and investing in socially impactful opportunities in global emerging markets for over 15 years. He is the founder and Managing Partner of CleanPath Emerging Markets and recently founded the nonprofit D3EST that helps underserved and displaced communities globally.
Craig Reynolds
Craig Reynolds is a campaign consultant and legislative staffer, serving 30 years as chief of staff in the California State Senate and Assembly. He has managed numerous winning campaigns and voter registration drives for California Democrats. He brings policy expertise in environmental, healthcare, energy, and public safety issues. Recently retired, Craig and his wife Cass serve on several non-profit boards and as volunteers for the National Park Service.
Cooper Teboe
Cooper Teboe is a political strategist and the founder of CDT Strategies. His experience includes Biden for President, Unite the Country PAC, the DSCC, Senator Ed Markey's successful reelection, the successful campaigns of Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressman Ro Khanna, and 2020 candidates Sara Gideon, Marie Newman, JD Scholten, and Sri Kulkarni. Cooper also serves on the DNC National Finance Committee and is a Board Member of the Wisconsin State Democratic Finance Committee and Arizona State Democratic Finance Committee.